Caricoin was recently featured in The Cointelegraph through an interview with our Regulatory Advisor Karsten Becker. The article highlighted our bid to create a Caribbean Bitcoin exchange based in Jamaica that would merge Bitcoin with the Caribbean banking system.

The feature focused on our efforts to seek the approval of the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) to integrate bitcoin and blockchain technology into the local banking infrastructure. Bitcoin’s effectiveness as a low cost solution for international money transfers, as well as a global outlet for regional e-commerce, relies on being able to cash the cryptocurrency in and out of local banks for fiat currency.

Mr. Becker said that the approval of the BOJ would be an essential step towards integrating Bitcoin into the Caribbean economy. Other highlights of the article included Caricoin’s intention to experiment with Ethereum’s Blockchain for Fintech technologies, and its recent move to target local merchants to sell online with our bitcoin wallet.

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