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Caricoin’s senior executives recently attended the 8th URISA Caribbean GIS Conference in Barbados (Sept. 4-8) to introduce our bitcoin wallet to the wider Caribbean community. The event was organized by a committee of Caribbean GIS experts and featured more than 60 speakers, an exhibition and valuable opportunities for networking. In attendance were a number of government representatives, private interests, educators and merchants from all across the region.

Our main objective was to showcase the wallet’s features, but also to collect valuable feedback about the specific banking challenges being faced by different countries. Through our scheduled presentation and Q&A, it was confirmed that the Caribbean continues to experience considerable difficulties in terms of access to banking services and ease of making payments. The de-risking of Caribbean banks was also of grave concern, as overseas corresponding banks continue to sever ties with local institutions.

We were thrilled to be able to share with our audience that these were the precise issues that Caricoin’s bitcoin wallet was designed to address. Our online platform uses bitcoin to provide a bank-free payment system, eliminating the need for a corresponding bank, and aims to effectively unify the Caribbean economy under a single currency.