Caricoin is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a member company by Innovate Finance ( Founded in 2014, Innovate Finance is one of the leading incubators of financial technology companies (FinTech) within the UK and around the world.

Since its inception Innovate Finance has attracted more than 250 companies ranging from seed startups to major global financial institutions. It’s members include Silicon Valley Bank, Asimo, BitFury, Goldman Sachs, Infosys, IBM, Lloyds Banking Group, Stripe, Telefonica, RBS, TransferWise, World Remit and other leaders in the FinTech space.

As the industry body for the FinTech community, Innovate Finance serves as a single access point to the full financial services and technology ecosystem seeks to address some of the key issues affecting the growth of the sector.

The Innovate Finance Global summit, held in April, is a yearly conference set up to champion the latest developments in FinTech. This year it featured over 1000 key decision makers in the financial services industry, hosted over 100 startups and global FinTech exhibitors and attracted over 1500+ Attendees from 45+ Countries around the world.

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