Topping up your mobile credit, or maybe even your relative’s or a friend’s, is one of those things you do daily, maybe even several times a day, if you have a prepaid mobile phone number. Caricoin’s wallet allows you to do this quickly and easily with their integrated Bitrefill top up feature. It’s incredibly simple to use, it offers great rates, and it takes only seconds to make a purchase and get credited.

In fact, much to our delight, Bitrefill’s founder and CEO Sergej Kotilar recently had this to say about Caricoin’s wallet:

«Their integration already offers one of the best mobile refill experiences I’ve seen this far.»


Bitrefill serves more countries than any other airtime merchant in the industry, and is partnered with all the major mobile networks in the Caribbean. Which means we have you covered. Anyone holding bitcoin in a Caricoin wallet can send mobile credit to anyone else in the world…even if that user hasn’t yet signed up for Caricoin. Better still, you can have your friends and family install Caricoin’s wallet on their mobile phones directly, and then send them bitcoin to top up at their own pace.

So check out your Caricoin wallet’s Bitrefill top up feature if you haven’t done so already, and start topping up your mobile credit with bitcoin today. Go to for more information and to download the app to your android device (iOS coming soon!).

You can read the full article here: Caricoin and Bitrefill bring bitcoin mobile top up to the Caribbean