The Cointelegraph features Caricoin on bitcoin exchange bid for Jamaica.

Caricoin was recently featured in The Cointelegraph through an interview with our Regulatory Advisor Karsten Becker. The article highlighted our bid to create a Caribbean Bitcoin exchange based in Jamaica that would merge Bitcoin with the Caribbean banking system.

The feature focused on our efforts to seek the approval of the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) to integrate bitcoin and blockchain technology into the local banking infrastructure. Bitcoin’s effectiveness as a low cost solution for international money transfers, as well as a global outlet for regional e-commerce, relies on being able to cash the cryptocurrency in and out of local banks for fiat currency.

Mr. Becker said that the approval of the BOJ would be an essential step towards integrating Bitcoin into the Caribbean economy. Other highlights of the article included Caricoin’s intention to experiment with Ethereum’s Blockchain for Fintech technologies, and its recent move to target local merchants to sell online with our bitcoin wallet.

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Discovery Channel’s Newswatch airs feature on Caricoin’s bitcoin wallet

We’re thrilled to announce that Caricoin’s bitcoin wallet was recently selected by Discovery Channel’s Newswatch for a special segment highlighting our mission to bring a zero-cost mobile money platform to the people of the Caribbean. Our concept of leveraging technology to help the region’s underprivileged gain access to the global banking system caught the attention of the show’s producers and they invited us to be featured.

The show aired on Friday 12th August 2016 at 7:30am EST and reached over 96 million households in 210 markets, marking the first time in history that a Caribbean technology startup has received this level of global exposure. You an read the full article at

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Airtime giant Bitrefill brings bitcoin mobile top up to Caricoin’s digital wallet

Topping up your mobile credit, or maybe even your relative’s or a friend’s, is one of those things you do daily, maybe even several times a day, if you have a prepaid mobile phone number. Caricoin’s wallet allows you to do this quickly and easily with their integrated Bitrefill top up feature. It’s incredibly simple to use, it offers great rates, and it takes only seconds to make a purchase and get credited.

In fact, much to our delight, Bitrefill’s founder and CEO Sergej Kotilar recently had this to say about Caricoin’s wallet:

“Their integration already offers one of the best mobile refill experiences I’ve seen this far.”


Bitrefill serves more countries than any other airtime merchant in the industry, and is partnered with all the major mobile networks in the Caribbean. Which means we have you covered. Anyone holding bitcoin in a Caricoin wallet can send mobile credit to anyone else in the world…even if that user hasn’t yet signed up for Caricoin. Better still, you can have your friends and family install Caricoin’s wallet on their mobile phones directly, and then send them bitcoin to top up at their own pace.

So check out your Caricoin wallet’s Bitrefill top up feature if you haven’t done so already, and start topping up your mobile credit with bitcoin today. Go to for more information and to download the app to your android device (iOS coming soon!).

You can read the full article here: Caricoin and Bitrefill bring bitcoin mobile top up to the Caribbean

Caricoin accepted as a member company and innovator by Innovate Finance

Caricoin is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a member company by Innovate Finance ( Founded in 2014, Innovate Finance is one of the leading incubators of financial technology companies (FinTech) within the UK and around the world.

Since its inception Innovate Finance has attracted more than 250 companies ranging from seed startups to major global financial institutions. It’s members include Silicon Valley Bank, Asimo, BitFury, Goldman Sachs, Infosys, IBM, Lloyds Banking Group, Stripe, Telefonica, RBS, TransferWise, World Remit and other leaders in the FinTech space.

As the industry body for the FinTech community, Innovate Finance serves as a single access point to the full financial services and technology ecosystem seeks to address some of the key issues affecting the growth of the sector.

The Innovate Finance Global summit, held in April, is a yearly conference set up to champion the latest developments in FinTech. This year it featured over 1000 key decision makers in the financial services industry, hosted over 100 startups and global FinTech exhibitors and attracted over 1500+ Attendees from 45+ Countries around the world.

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The Cointelegraph interview’s Caricoin on plans for the Caribbean

Cointelegraph recently interviewed our CEO Karsten Becker and spoke with him about the launch of the Caricoin bitcoin wallet and it’s impact on the Caribbean economy and users there.

In the Interview they discussed things like current banking situation in Caribbean and new exciting possibilities with the mobile money based Caricoin wallet. When the eco-system is established it will be a giant step, providing alternative banking solution, especially in the countries where around 50% of population is unbanked.

Mr. Becker mentioned that, according to a World Bank Report, remittance fees in the Caribbean amount to more than $800 million each year. We at Caricoin are working hard on developing a zero-cost remittance feature within the wallet, that will allow Caribbean community overseas to send funds back home free of charge.

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Caricoin CEO Karsten Becker interviewed by Bitcoin Magazine

We are pleased to say that we have been interviewed by Bitcoin Magazine, one of the leading source of news on Bitcoin and digital currency.

In the interview they asked some great questions and focused in on some of the real value that Caricoin can bring to the regions unbanked. For example, easy bill payment including rural areas where sometimes travelling cost exceeds the bill itself.

Caricoin will make it extremely easy for anyone to open an account ? all the person really needs is a mobile phone with an internet connection. With the new Caricoin wallet all the mobile banking solutions will be just one click away.

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